How Narrowboating can help you live more healthily
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Mon Mar 4, 2019 at 10:14am

Read our top reasons why narrowboating can help you live a more healthy life

Narrowboating can help you to live a more relaxed and healthy life. Provided that you embrace the lifestyle it can be a quiet and simple way of living, without the demands of day to day challenges faced by most, it can be a stress free existence. Space aboard is limited, but this can lead to a more simplistic way of living - you soon learn to live without the material things you don't really need, rather than keeping up with the Joneses and buying things for the sake of it.

Embracing and enjoying the outdoors and nature is a huge bonus of living on a canal boat. Boating can help you keep up the 10,000 daily steps thought to be beneficial for health. Boating and cruising demands a certain amount of fitness, the locks aren’t going to open by themselves, the coal isn’t going to walk on board and tying up the boat isn’t going to be done by itself. So doing normal daily chores aboard you will be keeping fit and active which could help to keep you in good health. 

For those who enjoy outdoor pursuits living on a boat enables you to fish from the bank or from your boat, run or cycle along the towpath as if it was in your garden! And all that fresh air is bound to build up a healthy appetite!

Living aboard will mean that you'll have a smaller space to maintain and clean, giving you more time to spend pursuing the activities and hobbies you enjoy, such as bird or nature watching, reading, writing, painting, fishing or doing whatever you enjoy doing best.

Being aboard will enable you to be closer to nature. It will mean that you'll be able to set off and explore the canal network and visit many different locations taking your home along with you. It could save you money by living in a more minimalist way.

All the healthy exercise and outdoor activity will give you an appetite and encourage you to eat more healthily and sleep more soundly.

Boating could also help your mental health in many ways, read our other blog which goes into more detail of how narrowboating can be good for mental health

Of course there can be downsides to living aboard, the main one being lack of space, but if you embrace the different way of life we are sure that you will benefit by living a happier and healthier lifestyle. Read our other blog about the advantages and disadvantages to living aboard a narrowboat and make your own minds up!

What are your thoughts about narrow boating? let us know how it helps you to be more healthy.... we'd love to hear from you, comment below to tell us.