Whilton Marina Team

Meet the Whilton Marina team 

Whilton Marina are supported by a strong,enthusiastic and hands on sales team to help all our customers with the process of buying or selling their narrow boat. We pride ourselves on our family work ethic and approach to customer care with over 30 years combined knowledge of the marine industry.  

Sales Team

Adrian Dawson - Sales Manager 
Everybody meet Adrian! Adrian joined Whilton Marina 10 years ago after spending 12 years as a professional musician in London!
Adrian’s spent the first 2 years with us running the sales office which we once had at Wigrams Turn Marina. 

Harvey Beaumont- Sales Team 

Harvey is a member of our sales team. Harvey joined Whilton Marina in March 2018 after spending 10 years selling sports cars for a local business. Harvey knew the Marina well after spending most of his childhood living at Whilton village and in the local area. 

Jon Harrison
- Sales Team

Jon has been a member of Whilton Marinas sales team for 4 years, He joined Whilton after spending 15 years in the car sales industry. Jon loves the waterways and enjoys walking his dog Bernie along the canal every morning. 

Fred Stamp - Sales Team

Fred joined Whilton Marinas sales team 6 years ago after being a general manager for a car rental company. Fred thoroughly enjoys cooking and regular trips down to the south of France. 

Andy RobinsonSales Team 

Andy returned to work at Whilton Marina in April 2019. He previously trained as a navy electronics officer. Andy has a passion for cycling and regularly cycles around the country exploring. 

Workshop Team

Matthew Emery Workshop Manager

Matthew has been with Whilton Marina for 6 years. He previously worked as a CAD/Machine Engineer for an F1 company. Matthew looks after a team of engineers and carpenters here at the marina. 

Steve Gill - Yardman 

Steve joined us in August 2018 as a yardman, after volunteering in Africa on a game reserve. Steves ambition is to one day to have an influence on British wildlife and conservation. In the meantime Steve enjoys his marina working life helping out with our maintenance tasks and boat moving.