Step By Step Sales Process
Guide to buying your dream boat

Firstly we suggest you spend some time viewing the different types of Narrow boats available. Once registered at the Marina you can look at as many boats as you like.

It is often said that the narrow boat will choose you rather than the other way, when you have found the boat of your dreams the staff at the marina can help you through the sales process.

The Marina recommends all second hand boats have a pre-purchase survey, there are three main types which are detailed in the survey section.

Remember when making offers Subject to Survey the closer the offer is to the asking price the more likely the current owner is to help towards the cost of remedial worked picked up after the survey.

What happens when you buy a boat

So you’ve seen the boat of your dreams – what happens next?  These are the key steps involved in the boat buying process:

  • You make an offer
  • If the offer is accepted you pay a deposit of £1,000 and the boat is taken off the market
  • If the offer is subject to survey then you appoint a surveyor.  Take a look at our list of surveyors. 
  • We take the haul out fee at the same time as the deposit if you decide to have a survey. 
  • If the offer isn’t subject to survey you can pay for the boat in full.
  • If you are having a survey, we will wait to have the survey back in writing before we talk through the technical stuff with you.
  • Dependent on the initial offer made we will look at BSS and insurance items.
  • You can then pay for the boat. 
  • At this point it is important to make sure that you have insurance on the boat in place.
  • We complete the work with a sign off from the surveyor after the works been completed.
  • Whether you choose to have a survey or not we will be then be able to do a boat handover (by appointment) with you.
  • Congratulations the boat is now yours.

Download the guide to getting afloat.