Narrow boat Surveys Explained

Narrow boat Surveys Explained

We recommended all second hand narrow boats are surveyed, there are three types of survey; 

  • Full Survey
    A full survey will require the narrow boat to be out of the water so that ultrasonic measurement of the hull can take place. This enables the surveyor to measure thickness of the plate and check damage and pitting.
  • Hull Survey 
    Hull survey alone will check for hull quality and thickness of the hull only.
  • Internal Survey
    Internal surveys only check the boat for boat safety items, and surveyors can be asked to comment on engine and stern gear if required.

Remember the surveyor works for you, the buyer, and he will point out every issue the narrowboat has. The Whilton team will work with you so that you understand the survey and its implication in the purchase of the boat.

Typical cost is £360 Inc VAT for the slip fee and a survey will cost anything between £300 and £700 + VAT depending on the type of survey required.

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Phone Number
Craig Allen Daventry 07973 939123
Tony Nother Midlands 07791 993239
Michael Clarke Blisworth 01604 858868 or 07944 856351 

A more detailed list can be obtained by down loading the surveyors PDF