Is It Time To Sell Your Narrowboat?
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Tue Oct 25, 2016 at 10:07am

Have you decided that you are going to sell your narrowboat?

There are two ways to sell your narrow boat and in this article we will discuss both options so you have a clearer picture of which method is going to work best for you if you decide to sell.


If you decide to sell your narrowboat privately, you'll get the benefit of saving the cost of using a broker. But you'll need to be super organised to guarantee a sale at the right price!

You will have to manage all the marketing and viewings which can be very time consuming. Think carefully about the design of your advert and the photos you'll include this can really make or break a deal. Your advert should be well thought out; the title should be clear and includes the features you think buyers are most likely to be searching for, for example the make, year, model, size etc. Your description must include all desirable features and justify the sale price, it should also stand out from other boats that are similar to yours.

Research what the market value is of boats like yours. If you are not sure or have little experience of pricing, then discuss this with other experienced boaters to estimate whether your price is realistic, optimistic or indeed pessimistic. You need to price the boat fairly and leave some room for negotiation.

Make sure you have all the maintenance records and other paperwork that detail your boat’s history. Without this boat documentation you may not be able to back up your asking price when it comes to negotiating the sale.

Be prepared to organise for the boat to have a survey. This will require the use of a dry dock or a haul out. You will need to pay for using this service, but the buyer is responsible for paying & getting the surveyor to inspect the vessel. Organising this can be quite a challenge and it’s worth noting that a brokerage company would be able to handle all this for you.

Lastly be prepared to deal with a lot of time wasters, you will be amazed at how many people are just window shopping and not actually in a position to put in an offer and buy a boat.

Brokerage Company

By contacting a brokerage company they can deal with EVERYTHING from the marketing, viewings, surveys, negotiating and all the paper work that is required to get a boat sold quickly and at the right price.

*The benefits of using a professional brokerage company:

  • They will have a wide customer base with buyers waiting to buy.
  • Will use marketing tools such as; websites, social media, magazine adverts, mailing lists etc.
  • Will offer you a FREE Valuation Have engineers on hand to sort out any alternations or repairs.
  • Will be able to sort out having a survey carried out in their dry dock, or slipway.
  • Will provide free moorings at their marina, whilst the boat is being marketed.
  • The experienced and knowledgeable sales team will be able to get you the best price for your boat.
  • Can offer you part exchange deals
  • Will buy your boat for cash.
  • Open 7 days a week and will be able to deal with all the viewings (including the time wasters!)

*Note all of the above is offered by Whilton marina. All brokers operate differently so please check their terms of business first.    

Some FAQs that might be on your mind can be answered here

It is very important to take the advice of the experts when it comes to the pricing of your narrowboat. Overpriced boats just don’t sell it’s that simple, so if you are wanting a quick sale then use a brokerage company and take the advice of the broker that values your narrow boat.

If you would like a FREE Valuation then give us a call today we would be more than happy to come and see you.