Lots More Narrowboats For Sale
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Thu Apr 18, 2013 at 11:28am

The selection of narrowboats for sale at our marina is always very good whatever time of  year it is.  But It's now April and Spring has finally arrived.  This is the time of year that we always get even busier with lots of new narrowboats arriving on brokerage.  During the last couple of weeks we have been very busy and have had a very good selection of used canal boats arrive at Whilton Marina for sale on brokerage, these boats are listed below with a brief description.  For more information on these boats click on the boat name which will take you into the full brochure with colour photographs and a layout diagram of each boat.

Lacy Fair a 57ft traditional style narrowboat built by Jonathon Wilson in 2006 priced at £52,950.

Sussex is a project boat which requires some tender loving care. Sussex is a 36ft traditional style narrowboat built in the 1980's and is priced at £7,950.

Dreamcatcher is a 61ft traditional style canal boat built by Stenson in 1994 and is priced at £29,950.

The Last Penny was built by Foxes in 2010 and is a 45ft semi- traditional style canal boat priced at £32,950.

Peking is a 59ft 6" narrowboat built by Stowe Hill in 1994 and is priced at £44,950.

Minnow is a 32ft semi traditional style canal boat built by Ian Harris in 2004 priced at £21,950.

Precious Time a 70ft traditional style boat built by Paul Widdowson in 2003 is priced at £59,950.

Enigma was built by Colecraft in 1997 and is a 59ft 6" traditional style canal boat priced at £49,950.

Barney is a 45ft cruiser style canal boat which was built in 1981 by Colecraft.

Atropos was built by Peter Nicholls in 1996 and is a 46ft semi- traditional style narrow boat priced at £32,950.

Teddy B is a narrwoboat with a cute sounding name!  Built by Springer in 1990, it is 31ft long and has a cruiser stern, priced at £12,950.

Salford Lass was built by Alvechurch Boat Builders in 1988 and is a 65ft cruiser style canal boat priced at £29,950.

Emperor is a boat with a grand sounding name that was built by Dave Tomas in 1991, a 54ft cruiser style narrow boat priced at £32,950.

If none of these canal boats suit your requirements, we always have lots of new boats arriving.  If you want to be one of the first to know when a boat comes into our marina for sale; the best thing to do is to register for email updates, or like us on our facebook page or follow us on twitter!

If you have a narrowboat that you are thinking of selling, don't be put off by the amount of boats that we have for sale at our marina and do not think that we won't sell yours beacause its 'one of many available'  We find it actually helps to have a large selection of boats to choose from because it means that customers can look at lots of boats at one place, and they are more likely to travel here than to other marinas with a smaller stock of narrowboats for sale.  We are always happy to offer a free, no obligation market appraisal of your boat and we will travel anywhere on the canal system to meet you at your boat to do so.  It's simple, To sell your boat Just fill in our online enquiry form and we will do the rest!