Find your ideal narrow boat at the Crick Boat Show with Whilton marina
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Fri Apr 19, 2013 at 3:31pm

Looking for narrow boats at the Crick boat show make sure you visit us!

We sell a lot of canal boats during the week of the Crick boat show it’s one of our busiest times. Each year we plan ready for the show and this year is no different, we will have a large number of narrow boats ready for sale. The Crick Boat show attracts a lot of visitors over the Bank Holiday and we realise that many people wait until the show before making a purchase.

When dealing with Whilton marina you will soon realise that you are talking with a professional and organised narrow boat broker, it’s what we have been doing successfully since 1971. We have around 120 boats within our marina at any time, giving you a great choice dependant on your budget and needs. No other narrow boat brokerage can give you such an excellent service!  Apart from our sister company Venetian Marina of course!

How the sales process works
Once you find your dream narrow boat we will take you through the sales process step by step. First step is to make the owners a sensible offer. We have priced all our boats to sell so you will find that they are at an already realistic and competitive price.

Once an offer is made and accepted we ask you to leave a £1,000 deposit for that canal boat. This shows us and the owner your commitment that you want to buy the boat. It’s just £1,000 regardless of the narrow boats full selling price. Once the deposit is made we will stop marketing the narrow boat and no one will be able to view the boat or make any further offers. We will update the website and the display boards in the office to state the boat is now under offer. This gives you the peace of mind that the boat is not going to be snatched away from you.

You can come and visit your new narrow boat as often as you like once you have paid your deposit, but you will not be able to make any changes to the boat until the final payment is made and the boat is owned by you. You can use this time to make plans for the boat.

If the narrow boat hasn’t had a recent survey we will suggest that you have the boat surveyed.  Many of the narrow boats at our marina have recently had a hull survey and to make viewing these easy we have a dedicated section on the website for you to browse through.

Depending on your surveyors availability the survey is usually is completed in a few weeks and sometimes quicker.  We have a list of surveyors working in the area who you can contact or you can suggest your own surveyor. Please remember even though we can recommend a boat surveyor he is working on your behalf and not the marinas.

We charge a standard fee to use our slip ways of £195.00 including VAT, so if you are requiring a full or hull survey you will need to use of the slip way.  This payment is made to the marina and you will need to arrange payment for the survey directly with your surveyor.

After the survey we will help with any post negotiations. This will cover work that is for Boat safety and insurance items.

Once all negotiations are complete and a final price is agreed we will require you to pay for the boat we are able to accept bankers drafts, Debit / Credit Cards and a one cash payment per boat up to the value of £10,0000.

If you require a hand over service this can be arranged with one of the team alternatively you can just collect your keys and paper work.

In our next blog about the Crick Boat Show we will tell you about some of our Crick boat show promotions! It’s going to be a great show!