Narrowboats With A Recent Hull Survey

As part of our on going commitment to make the process of buying a narrowboat purchase as easy as possible we have encouraged a high percentage of our vendors to under take a hull survey at their cost. 

This means that when you are viewing a narrowboat you have a clear understanding of the hulls condition for safety and insurance purposes. 

This saves the buyer money and speeds up the sales process giving the buyers confidence in the boats condition from an early stage.

If you are one of our vendors and would like to take advantage of the preferential rates we have negotiated with some local marine surveyors, then contact the sales team on 01327 842577 

The narrowboats that have recent hull surveys are listed below:

To find out more details about a boat, click on the picture of the boat, or the boat name.

Southern Star

1987, 45ft Traditional Style Narrow Boat. Key 16
Price: £22,950

Tilly II

2008, 57ft Traditional Style Narrow Boat. Key 86
Price: £49,950


1971, 56ft Cruiser Style Narrow Boat. Key 84
Price: £14,950


1995, 50ft Traditional. Key 3
Price: £39,950

Alpine Chough

1992, 46ft Cruiser Style Narrowboat. Key 8
Price: £24,950

The Boat

2009, 57ft Cruiser Style Narrowboat. Key 21
Price: SOLD

Bill Badger

2001, 51ft Trditional Style Narrow Boat. Key 34
Price: £36,950


2011, 44ft Cruiser Style Narrowboat. Key 10
Price: £41,950


2003, 58ft Semi Traditional Narrow Boat. Key 80
Price: £37,950


2006, 45ft Cruiser Style Narrow Boat. Key 72
Price: £34,950


1980, 42ft Cruiser Style Narrow Boat. Key 79
Price: £14,950


1995, 57ft Traditional Style Narrowboat. Key 77
Price: £39,950


1991, 62ft Traditional Style Narrowboat. Key 24
Price: £34,950


2004, 54ft Traditional Style Narrowboat. Key 30
Price: SOLD

Kathryn Louise

1997, 50ft Cruiser Style Narrowboat. Key 40
Price: £36,950


1982, 60ft Traditional Style Narrow Boat. Key 39
Price: £38,950

The Other Way Up

1999, 45ft Cruiser Style Narrow Boat. Key 35
Originally: £22,950
Reduced To: £19,950


1989, 50ft Traditional Style Narrowboat. Key 26
Originally: £22,950
Reduced To: £21,950


1986, 46ft Traditional Style Narrowboat. Key 29
Originally: £24,950
Reduced To: £22,950

Langdale II

1993, 50ft Semi Traditional Style Narrowboat. Key 52
Originally: £24,950
Reduced To: £22,950


1982, 58ft Traditional Style Narrow Boat. Key 43
Originally: £24,950
Reduced To: £22,950

Lettice Knollys

1990, 50ft Cruiser Style. Key 50
Price: SOLD

Ten Sixty Six

2006, 52ft Traditional Style Narrowboat. Key 89
Originally: £36,950
Reduced To: £29,950


2001, 55ft Semi Traditional Stye Narrow Boat. Key 27
Originally: £34,950
Reduced To: £32,950


2006, 57ft 10ft Cruiser style widebeam. Key 60
Originally: £64,950
Reduced To: £59,950
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