24 Hours On.....
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Tue Feb 3, 2009 at 12:24pm
Twenty Four Hours on…. The weather here at the marina is tretorous, Icy narrow boats plague the field, and surprisingly enough nobody has turned up to chance their luck today; mind you I did manage to get some nice photos of the marina this morning.
Sales are swimming smoothly, considering that we are in our “Off-Peak” season and we are all hard at work.
However our January narrow boat sale has just ended sadly, selling six narrow boats at their discounted prices. Even now there are some great buys to be had still. Just as I am halfway through writing this Robert has just taken a deposit over the phone on narrow boat sunrise, Congratulations Mr P. Smith.
As Sue said in the previous blog, we are always looking for new stock, either brokerage or we can cash purchase the boat outright from you. Contact the office for more details.
Unfortunately due to the Lock closure on the Long Buckby Flight, narrow boats to the north of the marina will not be able to get to this part of the grand union.
Also we have a new employee starting here next Friday, expanding our friendly narrow boat team even more.

Keep Warm

Charlie     =)