What Is A Nappy Pin In The Boating World And How To Use It
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Mon Oct 26, 2015 at 11:11am

Nappy Pins also known as piling hooks, iron hooks or mooring hooks. They are commonly known as nappy pins due to their shape.

What Is It…

A nappy pin is basically a mooring aid to help you tie your boat up to a piling. They are made of galvanised steel which has the advantage of the fact they won’t rust!

Nappy Pins

Where To Use It…

It is used when you are going to moor your boat where there is a steel plate running alongside the bank or pier. The steel plate is also known as an Armco barrier. These barriers are becoming more and more common as the CRT improves the waterways.

The purpose of the plate/barrier is to protect the bank from being erroded. Trying to tie your rope to the barrier without out a mooring aid is a very difficult task, this is why you should use a nappy pin.

How To Use It….

The pins are very easy to use, take the end of your rope and thread it through the top of the pin. Then drop the pin down between the side of the bank and the steel plate, the rope end should be at the top and the hook end at the bottom. The hook will then catch under the steel plate. Once in place take up the tension in the rope and tie your rope with a simple knot back on the boat.

Your boat is now securely tied up to the steel plate (Armco) with the nappy pin. Using a nappy pin is quick, easy and is a safe way to secure your boat from the pilings.

Advantages Of Using A Nappy Pin…

They allow you to moor up without having to use mooring pins and hammers.

Where to buy a nappy pin…

Any good chandler will stock nappy pins and also websites like amazon and ebay. Expect to pay around £8.00 approximately. The chandlery at Whilton marina is open Summer Times - Mon-Sat 9am-5pm, Sunday 10am-4pm, Winter Times - Mon-Sat 9am-4.30pm, Sunday 10am-4pm if you wish to purchase a nappy pin when you are next visiting us.

Watch our video of a demonstration….