The Inland Waterways Association
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Mon Sep 2, 2019 at 10:41am

The Inland Waterways Association

The Inland Waterways Association is a charity that protects and restores Britain's 6,500 miles of canal and river waterways. The IWA organise local and national campaigns that have a real impact on the UK's inland waterway, such as festivals and boat rallies. They run workshops and courses designed to protect and restore the UK's waterways and run recovery groups to provide practical and technical support to the waterways restoration projects around the country. 

IWA has many individual members as well as corporate members, many of them own a business associated with the waterways

 How to become a member

Do you enjoy being part of the waterways? you could become a IWA member by signing up on the IWA website, It costs just £36 per year to join.When you join the Inland Waterways Association you receive many benefits with your yearly membership such as:

  • IWA quarterly members magazine including exclusive info, news and features on the waterways.
  • A free map of the inland waterways, and the waterways directory listing all closers in england,scotland and wales. 
  • Updates of your local waterways activities.
  • Exclusive member discounts for a range of waterways linked partners
  • The opportunity to volunteer on IWA restoration projects. 

Volunteering with IWA 

Not sure about becoming an IWA member? although you want to contribute to help the british waterways?

Why not volunteer with IWA? Volunteering is a great way to help the canals and rivers in britain. There are many ways in which you can Volunteer with IWA whether you want to get stuck into something practical or wants to use your skills in IWA committees. 

Volunteering is simple, visit the IWA website to search for volunteering opportunities.

IWA Website 

Another bonus in becoming a IWA member is the amount of members and Corporate members there are to help each other out with discounts with companies associated with the waterways and advice. 

The IWA website is very informative, the website includes all you need to know about the IWA, buying a narrow or a widebeam boat and living aboard. Their website has pages full of information to help you with safety on your boat, Carbon Monoxide Safety & the dangers of using the waterways. IWA also include pages on their website for insuring your boat, boat safety schemes and route planning.