Narrowboat Johan Customers Blog
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Sat Apr 20, 2019 at 2:30pm

Narrowboat Johan Customers Blog


In September 2018 narrowboat Johan was advertised for sale with Whilton Marina. A young couple came to view this boat shortly after being advertised for the first time, the young couple fell in love with Johan and proceeded by putting an offer in on the boat. The offer was then accepted and their journey started, all very exiting. 😁

The new owners of Johan sailed away early October 2018. 

After a few months living on a narrowboat the new owners decided to write a blog about their experience of buying a boat. 

Read their story here 

 No mortgage? No problem.

Do you feel like everyone around you is buying their first home? (Maybe some of your friends are on their second!)

If you’re not in that position yet, it’s easy to feel like you’re ‘not growing up’.

As you reach the end of your 20s, there is so much pressure to know exactly where your life is going.

Pressure to be in the right job. Pressure to be a property owner. Pressure to be with ‘the one!’.

“I can’t believe you don’t have a boyfriend. You’re such a lovely girl.

”How often have you heard that one? 

Plot twist.

Maybe you’re not in the dream job because you realised you have one life and should make the most of it by trying different things. Maybe you’re not a home owner because you chose to spend your money and time on travelling the world. Maybe you’re not in a relationship because you haven’t found someone that makes your life more amazing than it already is?

It’s so hard to go against what society expects but it’s so important to consistently remind yourself that you are the only person who gets/has to live your life.

Ok, it’s all good and well feeling content with the way things have panned out but you’re still feeling stuck at your parents or in a rented property whilst trying to save, alongside enjoying your life?

After university and travel – relying on parents can feel like a huge ‘step back’ and renting in the UK (especially Solihull) makes it very difficult to save too.

But there is another option – something no one in society has ever suggested.

It certainly wouldn’t suit everyone but if you love being outdoors, appreciate Britain’s beauty and would love to live a more minimalistic life then we may have found the answer for all struggling home buyers!

 After many dog walks down the beautiful canals, my partner says ‘let’s live on a boat’…

The suburban living, heel wearing gal inside me laughed and continued to fantasise about quick money making schemes to save faster for a deposit!

However, the idea stuck and apparently a part of me was really intrigued as before I knew it, I was online boat shopping, creating new Pinterest boards, on the phone to marine finance companies and researching marinas!

Did you know… More than 100 miles of canals make up the Birmingham Canal Navigations? I didn’t.

However, hopefully you did already know the crucial role our canals played in the development of Birmingham, during the industrial revolution.

The canals may not be used to transport heavy goods anymore but they’re a reminder of our unique history!

Not to mention, research shows that spending time by water, whether it be a daily commute or just a weekend stroll, makes us feel happier and healthier!

Thanks to the Canal and River Trust, our waterways are taken care of because they truly believe life is better by the water!

A friend of a friend told me about Whilton Marina in Daventry – one of the largest brokers on the canal system. So off we went to check it out! As first time boat buyers, we were absolutely clueless.

The first thing we needed to establish was what size boat we required. The bigger you go, the more expensive and the harder to drive. The smaller you go, the more likely you are to seriously harm your other half! 

How minimalistic can you make your new lifestyle?

In my opinion, anything under 50ft is not liveable. Bare in mind, that’s just enough for a double bed, bathroom, kitchen and living area. You can forget the 4 seater corner sofa and dining room table!

If the finances allow it… go for 60ft.

Turns out there are plenty of finance options to get a boat by the way… You know, in case you don’t have thousands in the bank.

 So, you put down a deposit, the brokers help you arrange a survey in order to get a boat safety certificate (BSS) After all, you want piece of mind that you’re home isn’t going to sink.

They complete any work that’s required for it to pass the BSS, you buy it outright (thanks to the loan). Pay for a licence and insurance and you’re good to go!

1 huge luxury of owning a boat is the freedoms to travel! However, if you work in one place, you’ll likely need permanent mooring with car parking and space for storage. We found a gorgeous marina in an area we could only dream of owning an property. (Who knew!)

By the way… Monthly marina payments and loan repayments are half the price our mortgage repayments would have been.

So after a year or so on the waterways, if we decide to sell – We will have a deposit.

Although trying to persuade my other half to come back to land may be difficult!

This adventure is not only feeding my wanderlust addiction but it’s allowing me to see a future outside of the mother bears house!

Hopefully this provides you (or maybe your grown up children!) with an insight into an option that no one has suggested before. A way of independence, excitement and the ability to get on the property ladder.

If you want to reach out for more information, feel free to contact me directly.

Article on narrowboat renovation coming soon.

Tash. xxx