How to keep cool on your narrowboat during the heatwave
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Mon Jul 22, 2019 at 12:08pm

It's a great time to Realise Your Dream and buy that narrowboat, It's our peak time of year for boat sales and there couldn't be a better time to buy with this fabulous warm weather that's been forecast, and lots of boats arriving on a daily basis for sale at our marina. 

A UK weather warning has been issued as the temperature is set to soar to 37 degrees this week to scorch Britain.  As the forecast is for the heatwave to continue for the next few days at least, it seems a good idea to think about how to stay cool on your narrowboat.


It can get very hot living in the small confines of a narrowboat especially if your boat is moored in a place that is open to the sun. Try moving your boat along the canal or river to a shady spot. Close the curtains across any windows in direct sun and open all vents and windows fully to allow air to flow through the boat. (But, be aware of security when you leave your boat and make sure to secure all openings before leaving).  

Buy a fan to put in front of an open window to move the cooler air around.  If you are out on the stern steering your boat, don't forget that water reflects the sun and makes the ultra violet rays even more intense. So wear sunscreen if you are going to be out on the deck of your boat for more than a few minutes. Don't strip off and risk sun burn. Wearing light colours (dark colours can retain heat) and cool cotton clothing that covers your arms and legs will help protect against burning and keep you cooler.

Stay safe and stay out of the water.  If you want to swim, visit your local swimming pool where a lifeguard is on duty. Don't swim in the canal it isn't safe!

Make sure you keep hydrated by drinking lots of water. Try not to drink too much caffeine or alcohol which are diuretics and cause your body to loose more fluid. Drink before you feel thirsty to avoid dehydration. 

Limit your activity level and stay inside in a cooler environment. 

For more tips on staying cool during the heatwave visit the BBC website.

If you are dreaming a buying a narrowboat, or already own one and want to part exchange for another boat, do come and see us at Whilton Marina.  Don't be put off by thinking it's too hot to travel.  Our offices are air conditioned and we can offer you a cool drink whilst you browse the narrowboats for sale on display in our narrowboat showroom. We look forward to helping you Realise Your Dream, by buying a narrowboat!