HOT AND SULTRY JULY HAS ARRIVED; Looking after your pets on a narrow boat
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Fri Jun 30, 2017 at 7:10pm



If the answer is YES ,then you will want to read our guide to narrow boating with your four legged friend.

There's nothing worse than setting of for your holiday knowing that you are leaving your four legged friend behind in kennels for the week, so do bring him with you, boating holidays were made for you and your four legged pal!




What to pack when going away with your dog 

As well as bedding, food and water bowls, food, treats, first aid kit, poo bags, and grooming equipment, include a lifejacket for your dog and plenty of towels in case he accidentally or intentionally takes a dip.

Take his collar (with waterproof ID) and lead for places where you may need to keep him under control for his own safety - and a spare lead just in case you lose one overboard.

You may also find that life afloat feels chillier at night,  so you may find your pooch benefits from a fleece/wool jumper in the evenings.

Safety tips for your dog and other towpath users

 Don’t let your dog drink the river or canal water. Ensure that you have clean drinking water available at all times on board and on shore when you moor up.

Consider a dog life jacket. Jackets with handles on the top are especially good for hauling the dog back on board just in case he falls in.  Canal banks can be steep and difficult for dogs to climb out of.

Put your dog on his lead when entering locks and mooring for their own safety.

If your dog enjoys running free when you go for a walk on the towpath, then be aware that when you approach bridges there maybe traffic around, so always be mindful to keep your dog Under your control.

Always keep your dog away from livestock and birds - chasing ducks may be fun for the dog, but it isn't for the ducks!

Carry or let your dog use a ramp to board and get off the boat. 

Etiquette when boating with your dog

Take care when meeting other towpath users with dogs. If your dog is off the lead it may be worth asking if their dog is ok with other dogs before approaching them, not all dogs are so friendly.

Stay away from the fishermen - apart from potentially getting in their way, hooks and lines may cause injury to dogs.

Don't allow your dog to disturb wildlife and keep him on a lead if you can't guarantee manners and obedience.

Tuck him in safely to the side of the path until cyclists have passed.

Scoop the poop and dispose of responsibly.


Time to sign up for boot camp!

 A leaner physique, flatter abs, toned arms and a tighter tush are all possible with a bit of boot camp training. No need to pack yourself off for a week to a fitness park, save your cash and create your own killer training session. Find a training plan online and do the work out with friends or on your own, there's plenty to choose from and most don't require expensive equipment, so whats stopping you?

*Always seek your doctors advice before starting any new life style change.


Follow these simple tips to get healthy skin:  

Tip 1: Minimal makeup  
Let your skin breathe. Try to minimize makeup usage. It is really not necessary to always use a blush, concealer, foundation, mousse or whatever it is every day. It may add a fine coating to your skin making it glow however it damages your skin to a large extent. Keep these beauty products for special occasions, the rest of the time, tone and moisturize, use sunscreen and let your skin breathe.  

Tip 2: Face cleansing  
To maintain healthy skin you need to cleanse even if you are too tired after a long party or working late, cleanse all dirt of the day and makeup from your skin. Your face needs to be cleared of all the chemicals in the makeup and impurities from air pollution. Your makeup acts as a mask on your skin keeping your pores clogged.  

Tip 3: Don’t forget the sunscreen  
Sunscreen is a must for your skin. The rays of the sun are harmful beyond thoughts. Skin cancer, premature aging, skin rashes all of these are caused when your skin gets too much exposure to the sun without any protection. You can also use a SPF moisturiser to give you daily protection all year round – yes even on cloudy days!.

However it is a good idea to get a few minutes a day of sun exposure without sunscreen and without burning to top up your vitamin D levels, as in the UK the sun is rarely strong enough to make vitamin D and it is hard to get enough from diet alone. Vitamin D provides the body with many health benefits, do your research to find out more.  

Tip 4: Exfoliating face  
Exfoliate your face at least twice a week. Scrubbing your face will rid your facial skin of all the dead cells that might have clogged your pored leading to acne breakouts, blackheads and whiteheads. Scrubbing your face will also improve your complexion, adds a glow to your skin and also clears your skin of all toxins.  

Tip 5: Moisturise  
Use a good moisturiser to feed your skin. Moisturisers do not add a great deal of moisture by themselves, but they lock in the present moisture and are therefore essential to keep your skin hydrated. Use daily in the morning and before bedtime.  

Tip 6: Eat proper food to get healthy skin  
Food provides life to your skin. Everything you eat in your everyday life contributes to a healthy skin.  This includes drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated.


Strawberries and cream are the perfect combination for the summer

How to serve the perfect strawberries and cream:

Scientists have calculated a formula for the perfect serving of strawberries and cream for maximum enjoyment. And fans of the desert will be delighted to learn that they must be eaten in under three minutes - two minutes and 50 seconds, to be precise - for optimum taste. 

Experts also found the ideal strawberries-to-cream weight ratio is 70:30 - or one tablespoon of single cream per two fresh medium-sized strawberries.

Other season fruit and vegetables this month;

artichoke, aubergine, beetroot, broad beans, broccoli, carrots, chillies, courgettes, fennel, french beans, garlic, jersey royal new potatoes, kohlrabi, lettuce & salad leaves, mangetout, new potatoes, onions, pak choi, peas, radishes, rocket, runner beans, samphire, spinach, spring onions, tomatoes, turnips, watercress, wild nettlesapricots, bilberries, blueberries, cherries, gooseberries, greengages, kiwi fruit, melons, peaches, strawberries

basil, chervil, chives, coriander, dill, elderflowers, oregano, mint, nasturtium, parsley (curly), parsley (flat-leafed), rosemary, sage, sorrel, tarragon, thyme

lamb, rabbit, wood pigeon

cod, coley, crab, dover sole, haddock, halibut, herring, langoustine, mackerel, plaice, pollack, prawns, salmon, sardines, scallops (queen), sea bream, sea trout, shrimp, squid, whelks, whitebait


Narrow Boat Surveys 

There are three different types of surveys that a narrowboat can undergo and we strongly advise if you are going to buy a narrow boat that you always have a survey carried out first. More details can be found here












































July, 2017 Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days:

What’s special about July?  
1 Jul International Joke Day,  2 Jul I Forgot Day, 2 Jul World UFO Day, 3 Jul Compliment Your Mirror Day, 4 Jul   Sidewalk Egg Frying Day, 5 Jul Workaholics Day, 6 Jul World Kissing Day, 7 Jul Tell the Truth Day, 8 Jul Video Games Day, 8 Jul Math 2.0 Day,  9 Jul Sugar Cookie Day, 10 Jul Teddy Bears' Picnic Day, 10 Jul Clerihew Day, 11 Jul Cheer Up the Lonely Day, 12 Jul Simplicity Day, 13 Jul Embrace Your Geekness Day, 14 Jul Pandemonium Day, 15 Jul Gummi Worm Day, 16 Jul Corn Fritters Day, 17 Jul Yellow Pig Day, 18 Jul Caviar Day, 19 Jul  Stick Out Your Tongue Day, 20 Jul Space Exploration Day, 21 Jul Junk Food Day, 22 Jul Pi Approximation Day, 23 Jul Ice Cream Day, 24 Jul Cousins Day, 25 Jul Culinarians Day, 26 Jul Uncle and Aunt Day, 27 Jul Take your Pants for a Walk Day, 28 Jul Milk Chocolate Day, 29 Jul Lasagna Day, 30 Jul National Cheesecake Day.

There's lots of fun food related celebrations to enjoy during July!