Forget Curb Appeal Get Towpath Appeal!
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Tue Sep 20, 2016 at 8:21am

How often do we hear about curb appeal and how we all need to make our land homes as appealing as possible when we decide to sell? Well, when it comes to selling your narrow boat the same principles apply.  

If you are considering selling your canal boat this year, then you will want to follow our top tips for preparing your boats exterior. First impressions count so before you market your vessel follow our simple tips to create a great first impression.   

Our Top Tips For Amazing Narrowboat Exteriors For Great Towpath Appeal!  

Clean or Paint 

Having a well maintained and clean and painted exterior will immediately draw a prospective buyers eye. If your boat is nestled in a marina with a recently cleaned or painted superstructure, it will stand out from the other boats, boasting a well maintained finish. You can either consider doing this job yourself, or employ a professional to do this for you depending on your skill set and time commitments.   


Once the body of the boat is sorted out, look at having the signage redone. This is best carried out by a professional.   


Wax on wax off! Give all the brass and chrome work a good polishing to really show off these shiny features.   


Just like a land property, no one wants to see an old pair of nets at the window or a pair of curtains that have seen better days. Dress your windows with care. Give them a good clean inside and out, and then re-dress them with either your original cleaned window furnishings or invest in some simple new blinds.   


Invest in some new containers that compliment your boats exterior paint work, then plant them up with seasonal flowers Creating a herb garden is also another popular idea having an edible garden on board is very useful as well as looking attractive. By adding a splash of colour and creating an instant garden it may help keep a buyers interest. However you will need to make sure that these are kept watered, so it may not be possible if selling the boat on brokerage, unless you are prepared to go and water the containers regularly. 


If you have a lot of items that clutter the roof and stern, tidy away these possessions to keep these areas nice and clear. Creating a spacious environment will really help when it comes to marketing your vessel.This also applies to the interior. Cluttered boats are best de-personalised by clearing away ornaments and other items that a new prospective owner may not love.

Ropes and Fenders

Investing in some new ropes and fenders if yours have seen better days. These small finishing touches can go along way when it comes down to an offer being put in. Remember it's a competitive market and first impressions count so by adding some new accessories outside your boat could persuade a buyer to choose your boat over others.   


Add good quality locks to your exterior doors to provide the best security to your vessel. Many people worry about boat security, so by having the best protection in place shows a potential buyer that the vessel is secure.   


There are some beautiful exterior lights available, so if your boat is lacking in this department splash out and add some good quality lights.   

They say that people know almost straight away whether or not they are going to make an offer on a house and the same applies to a boat. So make sure the first look people have of your boat says "yes I'm the one!"

If you need any further help marketing your boat please get in touch. Find out more about our selling service here