AUGUST ON THE WATERWAYS - narrowboat rental advice
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Mon Jul 31, 2017 at 11:23am



The Canal & River Trust is introducing a new letting licence to ensure the safety of the increasing number of people living on rented boats. 


From 12 June 2017 boat owners will be able to apply for a Static Letting Licence for static boats which will cover all types of boat rentals, including long-term renting, Airbnb-style short breaks, and overnight stays. The boat owner will need to have a permanent mooring and should talk to their local planning authority to see if planning permission is needed. The price will be the same as for the current Self-Drive Holiday Hire licence. 

Living afloat has become a popular lifestyle choice for those who are struggling to get on the housing market especially in London and other major cities, so the CRT have responded to the recent increase of people renting narrowboats and to protect those renting have introduced the new letting licence.

There are a number of accidents that can and do occur when living on a boat; from fires, sinking and carbon monoxide poisonings, the aim of the new licence is to protect potential renters and to keep them and others safe.

It's so important to get the message out there, that if you intend to rent out your boat, then as the boat owner you will have the responsibility to ensure that those who rent from you are safe at all times.

The Static Letting Licence has rigorous requirements to make sure that both the boat is safe and that potential renters are fully briefed before spending a night on board.

Boat owners will be required to have:

  • proof of adequate insurance;
  • a Non-Private Boat Safety Scheme Certificate;
  • a detailed handover document including emergency procedures and contact numbers;
  • a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate;
  • and written permission from their mooring provider. 


1. Always secure your boat when you are away from it

2. Join online boating forums to keep up with news and to make new friends

3. Install solar panels if you haven't already got them

4. Keep on top of servicing and maintenance

5. Join a break down service

6. Keep your larder stocked up - (nothing worse than a hungry crew!)

7. Have spares of important items onboard

8. Have life jackets onboard for all crew members

9. Make sure all your crew know what’s expected of them, especially when mooring and using the locks.

10. Plan your journeys. 


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The Residential Boat Owners’ Association has developed a Code of Good Practice document. They are encouraging all members (and other interested waterway users), whether on water or on land, to consider others, and take responsibility for their actions. This Code will hopefully encourage boaters to share their knowledge and experience.

Read the code here and you can register your interest here



































August, 2017 Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days:

What’s special about August?  

1 Aug Girlfriend's Day, 2 Aug Ice Cream Sandwich Day, 3 Aug Watermelon Day, 4 Aug Single Working Women's Day, 4 Aug International Beer Day, 5 Aug Work Like a Dog Day, 6 Aug Sisters' Day, 6 Aug Fresh Breath Day, 7 Aug Lighthouse Day, 8 Aug Happiness Happens Day, 9 Aug Book Lovers Day, 10 Aug Lazy Day, 11 Aug Son and Daughter Day, 12 Aug Middle Child Day, 13 Aug Left-Handers Day, 14 Aug Creamsicle Day, 15 Aug Relaxation Day, 16 Aug Tell a Joke Day, 17 Aug, Thrift Shop Day, 18 Aug Mail Order Catalog Day, 19 Aug World Photo Day, 20 Aug Chocolate Pecan Pie Day, 21 Aug Spumoni Day, 22 Aug Be An Angel Day, 23 Aug Ride Like the Wind Day, 24 Aug Pluto Demoted Day, 25 Aug Kiss and Make up Day, 26 Aug Dog Appreciation Day, 27 Aug The Duchess Who Wasn't Day, 28 Aug Bow Tie Day, 29 Aug According to Hoyle Day, 30 Aug Frankenstein Day, 31 Aug Eat Outside Day.

We have highlighted our favourite days, what are yours?!


Nottingham Riverside Festival 4th August 2017 to 6th August 2017
Victoria Embankment
Head along to Nottingham's biggest and most popular free festival weekend.    

The Urban Safari Roundhouse 7th August 2017, 11am to 17th September 2017, 4pm
Head along to the Roundhouse in Birmingham this summer for the Urban Safari.  

Blisworth Canal Festival 12th August 2017 to 13th August 2017
Head along to Blisworth Canal Festival for a weekend of fun that all the family can enjoy.  

Wednesfield Canal Festival 12th August 2017 to 13th August 2017
Head along to the Wednesfield Canal Festival.  

Northwich River Festival & Regatta 12th August 2017 to 13th August 2017
Head along to Northwich River Festival & Regatta, for a fun day out for all the family.  

Discovering the Regent's Canal from East to West 12th August 2017, 10am to 20th August 2017, 12:30pm
Come along and discover the Regent's Canal on a walking tour from East to West. This walk will take you from Angel to Chalk Farm.  

Horses at Work 13th August 2017, 10am to 5pm
Ellesmere Port The Canal & River Trust will be celebrating the early days of canals at the National Waterways Museum, on Sunday, 13 August, with Horses at Work.  

Heywood & District Angling Society - Let's Fish 20th August 2017, 10am to 3pm
Hopwood Arms Come along to Heywood & District Angling Society's fishing taster day.  

Merry Hill Floating Market 25th August 2017, 10am to 28th August 2017, 5pm
Come along to the Merry Hill Floating Market. Festival fun by the canal  

Burnley Canal Festival 26th August 2017 to 27th August 2017
Burnley Come along for a weekend of fun at the Burnley Canal Festival. Festival fun by the canal  

IWA Festival of Water 26th August 2017 to 28th August 2017
Gallows Inn Playing Fields Come along to the IWA Festival of Water.  

East London Waterways Festival 28th August 2017
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park As part of celebrations for the restoration of Carpenters Road Lock a cavalcade cruising opportunity is available in August.