Are These The Best Canal Cities In the World?
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Wed Apr 1, 2015 at 10:47am

Have you ever wondered what it would be like cruising the canals of the world?

Where would you start if you could transport your vessel, or more realistically hire a narrow boat to explore another cities canal systems?

We have put together a collection of images and information of the top 10 canal cities we would love to visit.

We have decided not to included Venice also known as “The City of Water” as if you ask most people to name a canal city, then Venice is usually the first that comes to mind. 

There are many other cities that have a canal that refer to themselves as “The Venice of Birmingham” for example, and these cities all offer their own charm, beauty and history and are well worth a visit.

So having ruled out the most obvious, let’s have a look at some of the other beautiful and magical canals around the world.

So in no particular order....


Most of the buildings, which line Amsterdam’s major canals are classified as monuments. There are wonderfully kept cafes, offices, restaurants and apartments. This stunning place has canals, bridges, cobbled streets and elegant architecture.


Stockholm Sweden

Sweden’s capital Stockholm is built on 14 islands with 57 connecting bridges, because of how it is built there are canals and boats everywhere.


Birmingham UK

While the canals were originally used to transport goods around the city and to the rest of England and Europe during the industrial revolution. Today the canals are mainly visited by tourists and boat owners. Did you know that Birmingham has more miles of canals than Venice?


Hamburg  Germany

Hamburg is a famous harbor city and its port is the third largest in the world. Just north of Rathausmarkt are the stunning white arches by a canal called Alsterarkaden. The whole area is also full of indoor shopping arcades with the most popular being the Hanse Viertel.


St Petersbury Russia

In 1923, the Ekaterinsky Canal was renamed in honor of the Russian playwright and diplomat Alexander Griboedov who had lived in a house on the embankment. Today, traveling along the Griboyedov Canal - on foot or by boat - is an indispensable part of exploring St Petersburg.  


El Gouna, Egypt

El Gouna remains a relatively unknown Egyptian travel resort. Conceived during the nineties, El Gouna is a dream come true for beach lovers. The canals, channeling out from the Red Sea connect the islands and breathe life into the desert sands.


Bruges, Belgium

Not far from home in a truly rural setting on a spectacular waterway is Bruges, ideal for those who love being on a boat and also want to visit some remarkable places.  


 So where do you see yourself going?