Do You Want a W9 Postcode?
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Tue Jun 10, 2014 at 10:58am

Do you fancy living in the trendy and idyllic waterway area of Little Venice in Maida Vale, London W9?

W9 London

Well if you do and you have buckets of money this isn’t going to be a problem.  However for the rest of us who may not have large amounts of money lying around; there is another solution!

Maida Vale Map

Imagine having the Thames on your doorstep and living in a city location, and being able to enjoy nature right outside your front door.  The opportunity to live the high life for a fraction of the price; buying a narrow boat could be the answer.

Maida Vale 9

So what can you expect from a narrow boat?

Home from home creature comforts and so much more!

A 40 feet narrow boat will give you about 200 square feet of usable space, the equivalent of a bedsit or studio.   The interior layout of a narrowboat varies from boat to boat but generally you have a kitchen area, living/dining area, bathroom and bedroom.

Narrow boats come in a variety of lengths from 20 to 72ft generally.  If you are considering living aboard full time buy the longest boat you can afford, space is rather limiting and you will be grateful of the extra length over time.

Just because you are living on a boat doesn’t mean that you won’t have all the mod con’s a usual property has.  Narrow boats are often fitted out with showers, washing machines, gas central heating, fridges and can sometimes even have dishwashers, so there is no need to think you will be without these essentials.

Some Of The Ups

  • Being able to live in London, at a fraction of the price of renting a flat or studio.
  • Living and being part of a strong and friendly community. 
  • Being more eco-friendly by living a less carbon greedy lifestyle.
  • The freedom to travel and get new neighbours whenever you want.

Some Of The Downs

  • Finding permanent moorings can be difficult
  • Credit card and mobile phone companies require a permanent address.
  • For some –  emptying the loo is rather unpleasant, unless you are able to use a pump out.
  • Limited space is challenging and necessitates adapting to space available.
Is this the sort of lifestyle you are after, enjoying the buzz of city, life but living close to nature? Should you ever get fed up of the area you can simply cruise away!