Owning A Narrow Boat
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Mon Apr 14, 2014 at 9:29am

There are around 35,000 people who own a narrow boat on the UKs canal system, so what’s the big attraction?

Narrow Boats

Living Aboard

If you live on a boat you are known as a “liveaboard”, and as the figures show there are a lot of UK residents that are opting for this amazing life style.

For many, it’s the whole way of life, no ties, the slower pace of living, and the general sense of freedom which is so appealing.  The way of living is rather minimal mainly due to the amount of space you have aboard your vessel, but also because people tend to want the simplicity that boating offers.  For anyone who has a shoe collection like Imelda Marco this way of life may not be for you!

Being able to travel at 4 miles per hour viewing the countryside and towns from a different viewpoint is a dream that many people seek, and for the lucky ones who already own a boat experience every day.

Canal Life

Owning a Narrowboat for Leisure

Owning a narrow boat tends to attract people who generally enjoy the outdoors and countryside.  Being on a narrow boat allows you to spend many hours cruising and being outside.  The UK's unpredictable weather never seems to bother boat owners, it is just part and parcel of day to day living.  Whatever the weather it makes no difference to a days cruising or weekend moored up.


There is a strong community spirit amongst the boating community, which in a way is like going back in time when everyone helped each other out and knew all their neighbours.  Keeping an eye out for one another and generally living a more friendly way of life.

Buying a Narrowboat

Most liveaboards will agree that buying a narrow boat is actually less complicated than buying a house, and that using an established and knowledgeable broker is the best way to purchase a narrow boat.  A broker is similar to an estate agent, they will help handle the sales transaction, organise a survey, advise you about insurance, boating mortgages and moorings.

Narrow Boat
The other benefit of using a brokerage company is the variety of narrow boats you are able to view in one location.  With project boats costing as little as £9,000 and luxury boats costing up £200,000 there is a wide choice on the market and a boat to suit everyone’s budget.

So whether you want to liveaboard, or just have a bolt hole to escape to when the day to day grind is getting you down, owning a narrow boat will enable you to have a change of scenery whenever you need it.

So are you going to take the plunge and buy a narrowboat?