Whilton Marina to Weedon - Half a Days Cruise
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Tue Jan 15, 2013 at 1:17pm

Half a days cruising Wilton Marina to Weedon

We are at the time of year where it is difficult to cruise as there are many stoppages on the canal and also the weather can also hamper any attempt by freezing up the canal.

However even though the locks are currently closed at the Buckby Flight (see the most up to date stoppages list here) just outside of the marina you can still cruise your narrow boat to Weedon Bec.

Weedon (as it is also known) is a small village located about 6 miles south-east of Daventry, and 7 miles west of Northampton and lies on the A5 and A45 and only about 3 miles by car to Whilton Marina (along the A5).  There are quite a few amenities in Weedon such as; pubs, takeaways, restaurants, local shops, antiques and newsagents among many other shops (see their website for further details).  The Heart of England pub and the Brinjol indian restaurant (01327 341790) lie alongside the Grand Union canal front so are very easy to get to for boaters.

So if you're thinking of cruising to weedon from Whilton Marina and back then it should only take a total of 3 hours (there and back) on a canal boat and is very easy to do in a day.  All you need to do is take a right out of Whilton Marina underneath our little white bridge and head south on the Grand Union Canal (making sure that the Buckby flight of locks is behind you).  There are about 6 bridges that you will pass under before you get to the first signs of Weedon.

On the way to Weedon you will also pass the Heart of the Shire shopping village with a selection of high-end specialised shops which are great for that unsual gift for someone.  There is also a coffee shop there which serves food and drinks.

To get back to Whilton from Weedon you will have to turn around in a winding hole to make sure that you are facing the right way.  If you go past the village and you will come to a winding hole (a winding hole is a wider section of canal which is wide enought to enable a boat to turn 360 degrees).

You then need to continue north up the Grand Union Canal going back past the Heart of the Shires going finding Whilton Marina on your right before the Buck flight of locks.