Whilton Marina's Youtube Videos are added to Towpath Talk's Website
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Sat Jan 28, 2012 at 11:56am
Towpathtalk has started to add Whilton Marina's Youtube videos to their website!! Each month Towpathtalk will be bringing a video from our youtube channel about Narrowboating. There are currently 44 films covering everything from Blacking a Narrowboat to Different Types of Handrails. Towpathtalk start the ball rolling by going back to basics with Mooring up to a Pier. Whilton Marina's youtube videos have been a real hit! We've had over 22,000 people view the 44 videos, since the channel began in March 2012 (as of 28th Jan 2012). We are looking at doing some more videos about Narrowboating and from our new marina Venetian Marina. Suggestions are always welcome!!! Take a look at our youtube channel or Towpathtalks website!!


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