What Type of Toilet Should I have in my boat?
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Wed Dec 14, 2011 at 12:46pm

There are two main types of toilet that most narrowboat are fitted with these are the cassette toilet and the pumpout toilet.  However in recent years a third type has come on the market, the compost toilet.

We often get asked - what type of toilet is best to have in my canal boat?

There is no hard and fast rule when deciding what type of toilet to have.  Although it is important to understand the differences between a cassette toilet and a pumpout and what may suit you.

The Cassette Toilet....

The cassette toilet comprises of container or a 'cassette' which can be removed from the base of the toilet and the waste is taken to an Elsan point.  

The advantage of a cassette toilet is that it is free to empty at British Waterways Disposal points, these are frequent along the system (you can find out exactly where they are by using a Nicholson guide).  To get access to these you need a British Waterways Key.

The disadvantages of a cassette toilet is that some people find the emptying process unpleseant.

The Pumpout Toilet...

The advantage of a pumpout toilet is it is much more like a domestic toilet that you would find in a house.

The disadvantage of a pumpout toilet is that there is a cost involved when pumping them out which can vary from marina to marina (from £12 to £20) a time, unless you can find one of the free British Waterway pump-out stations