Another Ruby Boat is Surveyed
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Tue Sep 20, 2011 at 12:40pm

Another second hand 'Ruby Boat' has just been surveyed at Whilton and three years on the hull is still in immaculate condition.  This is great news for the buyer and vendor and is testimony to the excellent quality of the Chineese workmanship. 

The hull on these 'Ruby Boats' are manufactured with a thickness of 12/6/4mm which is 2mm thicker than most new narrowboats with the norm for modern boats being 10/6/4mm.

If you are looking to buy an new narrowboat you really could not do better than one of our fabulous 'Ruby Range' Boats.  We have two different sizes 39ft and 44ft with several differing layouts and have several
Ex-demonstration Ruby Boats on sale at the moment which are excellent value.