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Five More Narrowboats for sale with a Survey

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Wed Apr 6, 2011 at 1:58pm

This week the following Narrowboats have had a survey:

Autumn (£37,950) is a 57ft, Cruiser Style Narrowboat built by Liverpool Boats in 2006.

Imedit (£34,950) is a 60ft Traditional Style Narrowboat built by Base in 1997.

Ariadne (£25,950) is a 42ft Cruiser Style Narrowboat built by Colecraft in 1984.

Ubique (£32,950) is a 55ft Traditional Style Narrowboat buit by Sagar Marine in 1986.

Lowertown Lad (24,950) is a 60ft Traditional Style Narrowboat built by Tolladine in 1976.

For a list of all of the Canal Boats with a survey please click here.

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