Five Narrowboats in Boxes Arrive At Whilton Marina
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Tue Mar 1, 2011 at 11:22am

Yesterday we had a delivery of five new 'Ruby Edition' narrowboats arrive from China.  The boats arrived one after the other in large containers on the back of lorries.  It was a slick operation, with the crane arriving first and each lorry arriving in turn one after the other from about 11am until 4pm.  Each lorry took it's turn to be offloaded of it's narrowboat cargo, then each boat was craned into our marina.  The delivery consisted of three 39ft narrowboats and two 44ft narrowboats.  Follow the links below for more details of these new narrow boats:

Ruby G
Ruby D
Ruby 39
Ruby 39G

All of these 'Ruby Edition Boats' include a cruising pack and all the basic equipment needed to get cruising immediately, just pack a case with your clothes and go!