A Well Respected Lock Keeper at Whilton Locks- Henry Grantham
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Tue Nov 23, 2010 at 9:21am

Henry Grantham was lock keeper at Whilton Locks, on the Grand Union Canal for 40 years.  Always with a pipe in his mouth and with his sole companion at his side Rex, a cream Alsation dog. 

Henry earned praise during his years at the locks for saving the lives of many people and animals who had fallen in the canal and for this reason he was often a subject in the local newspaper.  In one such article in 1969, he explained that his dog didn't like trains anymore, because the steam train drivers had got to know Rex his dog so well, they used to throw bones out for him as they passed down the line and Rex would run after the trains. Then when the electric trains came the drivers had no chance as the trains travelled too quickly, but Rex could not understand why the bones no longer came.

Henry retired in August 1988 at the age of 75.  Henry is comemorated by a decorated bench at the bottom lock of the Buckby Flight which was created from timbers of the old working boat 'Forget-Me-Not' which was operated by the Grantham family for many years.

Historical pictures of Whilton Marina, including the Granthams working boat 'Forget-Me-Not