Landwehrkanal Berlin
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Wed Aug 25, 2010 at 2:40pm

I thought for a bit of a change I would share some photos of the Landwehrkanal in Berlin which I took on my recent trip with with “Mikey Boy”

With us both working in the canal and boating industry, a trip on the canal in Berlin just had to happen.

The first thing you notice is the width of the canal much wider than on our UK canal system which you can see from the photos below, as a result of this width the canal is navigable by much wider barges.


The lock gates are all fully automatic which saves a lot of time winding a windlass and save a lot of time pushing gates open and closed.

The views of the city are quite impressive as you cruise around, one of the many things Berlin is famous for is Graffiti and I quite liked this particular piece, heaven knows what would happen if you did find a plug and were able to pull it!

I hope to write a few more words and share some more photos if I get the time in between selling boats over the next few weeks.

Until Next Time