More Narrowboats For Sale at Wigrams Turn Marina
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Wed Sep 23, 2009 at 4:13pm
Narrowboats For Sale at  Wigrams Turn Marina

This week five narroboats have arrived at Wigrmas for sale.  They are Narrowboats;

'A Waste of Time' which is a 57ft Josher Style Traditional Narrowboat built by Les Wilson in 2004 and is priced at £56,950.

'Southern Star' which you may have seen for sale at Whilton Marina, which is a 40ft Traditional Style Narrowboat built by Loughborough Boats in 1996, priced at £29,950. 

'Corbett' is a Traditional Josher Style Narrowboat built in 2000 by Evans & Son and is priced at £45,950. 

'Priory II' is a 47ft Semi Traditional Style Narrowboat built by Reeves in 1998 and is priced at £39,950. 

'Slow Moshun' is a 57ft Traditional Style Narrowboat built by Tim Tyler in 2004 and is priced at £44,950.

Hopefully this will keep Adrian busy for a little while!

Til next time........

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