The Great Escape
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Fri Mar 13, 2009 at 3:52pm

It’s the glorious 13th and at last the lock gates are open so the large amount of narrow boats with new owners aboard that have been waiting to escape northwards out of the marina are all heading off.

We wish the new owners:

Jayne Symes Narrow Boat Elmley
Mr. McDougal Narrow Boat Sky
Rev. Manning Narrow Boat Hazelnut
The Chamberlins Narrow Boat Kismet
Nicky Thornton Narrow Boat Harry Curtis
Neville Cook Narrow Boat Emily Jane
Mr. and Mrs. Abbot Narrow Boat Northern Lights
Mrs. Hickmore Narrow Boat Joshua Fellowes
Mr. and Mrs. Balmforth New East West marine Narrow boat

All the best from the team here and Whilton Marina and we hope you enjoy your new boats.

Until Next Time