All Change?
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Sun Mar 22, 2009 at 12:48pm

Today I have been posted to our Wigrams Turn Sales Office, for only the second time since we opened this sales office over a year ago. The marina here is a lot quieter than our Whilton facility, the noise of the M1 motorway and the London main line railway (which my ears have tuned out over the years) is not ever present.

We have a good selection of narrow boats here at he moment and I have just been down to confirm the HIN number on Linda’s new East West Marine 57’ Narrow boat, Linda lets hope this is the right narrow boat for you, and congratulations on the completion of your house sale.

To explain the HIN (Hull Identification Number) sometimes called the CIN (Craft Identification Number) is the unique number all new narrow boats need to have displayed on them. This is normally welded under the counter of the narrow boat, and in a second place on the narrow boats profile normally out of site, in the case of the East West Marine Narrow Boats we sell this is welded on the front swim of the boat just below the anodes.

I need this number so that the surveyor who looks after the East West Marine Boats RCD Documents (Recreational Craft Directives) can issue all the documents, CE plates, and complete the tests involved in making sure the boat complies with all the directives set out in the RCD.

For those of you who are interested in reading more about this try this link to the British marine federations.

I was also pencilled in to take one of our customers through the workings of his new narrow boat “Drifter” today, but due to the sudden change over of locations I have to Thank “Mikey Boy” for stepping in to do that one, even though it is his day off, it is mothers day, and he is about to retire….. Thanks “Mikey Boy” we will miss your expertise as our very own expert on all things canal and narrow boat related when you retire, I don’t know what I’m going to do for Technical Support when you retire? Are you going to charge a consultancy fee when I need to know things like HP of a Canal Star Engine, or the depth of the canal at certain points, or how long it takes to get from Whilton to Chester by canal?

Until Next Time