Snowy Narrow Boats
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Mon Feb 2, 2009 at 1:07pm

The Siberian weather has arrived!  The marnia is looking very wintry, with a light covering of snow on the boats. 

We have had a very busy weekend, with many customers in looking to buy a narrow boat.  I have added about 20 new customers to our email database this morning. 

Narrow boat Whitstable arrived at about 8pm last night, just intime before the locks close, crewed by Charlie & his firend Andy.  Charlie was frozen as he wasn't wearing enough layers!

We have had an offer on a couple of Narrow boats this morning, so things are still fairly busy.  We could do with some more stock, so if anyone out there is looking to sell their narrow boat, please get in touch!

Keep warm & cosy til next time!