What Should We Do?
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Thu Dec 4, 2008 at 4:01pm
From my earlier post I have been asked to talk some more about good practice for winterising your narrowboat. If you intend to leave the boat for any extended period you should do the following.

Most of the things I’m going to say are common sense, but a little bit of common sense goes a long way towards happier, no frost damage, and happy boating and minimal costs.

Check your anti freeze levels. In both the boats engine and heating system.
Drain down the water systems, split pipes from frost damage on your boat can make a mess of your woodwork.
Turn of the stop cock from the water tank
Pump out or empty the toilets split waste pipes from frost damage will not only make a mess but can also be very un-pleasant.
Fill the fuel tank up to within an inch of the top, this will stop the tank producing condensation over the winter but will allow for expansion of the fuel in the tank should we have any freak warm weather.
Leave a window or two open if your boat is moored on the tow path
Check your stern tube is well greased.
Isolate your batteries.
Turn of the gas.

Just these few simple steps will insure a safe winter for your boat.

Until next time

Andy Robinson