Nice Surprise
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Sat Dec 20, 2008 at 10:56am
What a nice surprise to start the day!!!

A man called in today with his girlfriend to have a second viewing on one of our narrowboats, we all said hello and then a voice piped up ‘ Clare? It is Clare isn’t it? Yes I thought and obviously looked vague, ‘ I’m Marie who bought your narrowboat ‘Moon’’, the penny dropped and it was hugs and kisses all round.

Eight years ago before we we’re housebound we lived on a pair of working boats – Moon & Otley but due to various reasons we sold them. Marie bought Moon which was our Butty and has lived on it (with her sons) for all this time. It was great reminiscing and catching up on how good the paintwork still was and how our daughters room was now occupied by her 19year old son who fortunately for him is skinny and fits nicely into the space allowed and her other son is in the front area where our dog kennels were!!, how things have changed.

Anyway 5 days to Christmas yippeeee, a local surveyor has just bought us copious bottles of wine in as a thank you for all the business we have sent his way this year, due to the amount of boats we sell.

So eat drink and be merry, but don’t fall in the canal.!!