Feeling alot closer to christmas......(And my turn to take over the blogg!!)
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Wed Dec 10, 2008 at 11:26am

As I drove into the marina this morning, I saw glistening silver on top of the water and knew that my morning was going to be difficult. One of our boats "Tamarisk" was due to be craned at noon, and I was the chosen one to move it out of the marina, but of course I was the easy choice, as I am the youngest....
Already in the comforts of the warm office, was Andy, my friend and colleague, who was just doing the finishing touches to opening the "fortress" as I call it. After a brief hello, we realised that it was just the two of us working that day. Andy would look after the "fortress" and I would chance my neck on the frosty boats.
Then realising the sheer amount of boats I had to move to get my target, I decided to call in reinforcements. After asking the foreman Keith very nicely, he reluctantly said he would "Lend" young Mark for forty minutes to help me upon my quest. Once Mark arrived in the office, looking tired and wind swept (as always) we got to it.
Five minutes has passed before Mark and I realised that it was going to be more difficult than we had thought. Our hands had become numb, and 75% of the ropes were frozen solid, so we decided to boil the Kettle. Once we were free of the icy tired old ropes we started to push boats out of the piers, just cracking the ice as we did. Only after a brief moment, the boat came to a stop. Deciding to save time we grabbed the keys and fired up the boat, ready to push through the ice.
After a few maneuvers we carried on pushing and moving the boats out, feeling a bit like we were in one of those Disney cartoons, slipping and sliding all over the place (if you added the sound effects at the right time) But at last we had reached our objective, "Tamarisk", fired her up and I was away.
At 11.30 we had finished, an hour and 50 minutes late of marks 40 minute curfew, but that wasn’t my problem, it was his!
It’s been really cold here recently (for obvious reasons), our toilet block is being refurbished and will be finished in January and will be available for usage over the Christmas holiday. (its looking good John!!)
Oh and I almost forgot, if you don’t hear from me, Merry Christmas to all! And have a Boating New Year!!!

Peace Out!

Cheeky Charlie ;-)