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Sun Nov 30, 2008 at 11:49am
Welcome to the Whilton Marina Blog.

We have decided to launch a Blog on our website with the aim of keeping all our customers up to date with useful information about the inland waterways narrow boats and everything related to enjoying the boating life.

Our new website has been live now for 12 months and our aim is make it as user friendly as possible for people who want to buy in to the boating experience. We also want the site to provide a good source of information for people who are thinking of selling their narrowboat.

The new blog will give us the opportunity to talk about the broader aspects of boating not just buying and selling narrowboats on brokerage. So as the Whilton blog evolves we will talk about the wider picture and cover topics such as surveying, Boat Safety Scheme, mooring, long term cruising, living aboard, recreational cruising, what to look out for when buying a boat, the advantages of using a broker to sell your narrow boat, to name just a few.

I’m going to talk about Christmas for a short time being someone whos birthday is in December it is a little early for me to start talking about Christmas but for the sake of the blog I will indulge. Here at Whilton Marina we have got a little festive already. We are offering visitors to the brokerage a “Winter Warmer” which is a free hot drink and a mince pie with John in the Lock Gate café (not on Tuesday as John is closed on Tuesdays) for anyone who registers for keys to view what we like to think is the largest selection of narrow boats in one location on the entire canal network.

We are also offering some of our brokerage boats as “Christmas Crackers” why not have a look and see if any of these narrow boats are on your wish list with Santa. To explain “Christmas Crackers” are some boats we have for sale that are being offered at a once only price. Some boats are reduced in price by as much as £13,000, which is quite a significant saving.

If any more of our vendors are interested in participating in the “Christmas Cracker” promotion which we intend to run up to the 24th December then please feel free to discuss this with any of the Brokerage Sales Team, who can be contacted on 01327 842577 or via email at

Well I think that’s enough for the first post it’s a cold day and we now have some customers braving the elements to look at a couple of boats. Bumble which is a very nice day boat with an open cabin area, great for the summer cruising that lies a head of us. The other customer is looking at NB Pause which is a lovely 2004 Pro build traditional stern boat, which has a nice Morso Squirrel stove and Eberspacher Central heating which is ideal on a day like today, she also benefits from a 2008 hull survey and a Safety Certificate which will not run out until 2010.

Until next time.

Andy Robinson