OCTOBER CLOCKS IN - time to winterise your narrow boat!
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Sun Oct 1, 2017 at 4:00pm



If you are not going to be using your narrow boat again this winter, then before the frosts and cold weather arrive you should winterise her. This needs to be done to protect the boat over the winter months while you go ashore.  

If you are staying aboard then you can still give her a little TLC by checking your radiators, keel and water systems; you may need to add some additional anti-freeze to keep them in good working order over the colder months.

It’s also a good time to stock up on fuel. Take time to de-clutter your boat and store away items that you might not be using over the winter months, giving you a bit more space. Take a look through your larder cupboard and stock up on items that have been used and not yet replaced.  

What is winterisation?   

Basically winterisation is preparing the boat for the change in weather and the cold winter months ahead in order to keep the heating and water systems from freezing up and potentially causing damage.

Boats are susceptible to damage from the cold weather when they are left empty and unlived in, so by taking a few simple measures you can help protect the interior and exterior of your boat.  

Things We Recommend You Should Do:   

Out Side Jobs  

This really does work so don’t overlook our first tip; cleaning and polishing the topsides will protect your boats surface. It will stop mould and organic growth occurring on the boats exterior deck keeping it clean and undamaged. If plant roots are allowed to get attached to the boat, they can expand and cause the woodwork to crack, which may then lead to leaks, so for the sake of half a days cleaning it’s got to be worth doing.  

It’s a good investment to buy your boat a canvas canopy to protect the decking, this will stop leaves and debris settling on your deck and also keep it water tight!  

Fit an automatic bilge pump float, so if any water does get into the bilge you will at least have peace of mind that this water will be removed, however if you buy a canvas canopy you won’t incur this problem, soo weigh up which option you would prefer.  

If the canal freezes and passing boats go by your, this creates movement of the broken ice sheets whiche can hit your hull and damage it. To avoid this happening a simple solution is to hang a wooden board from secure ropes alongside your hull. For GRP boats this technique will protect the exterior from serious damage and for steel hulls will preserve the paintwork.  

Water can rise, even on the inland canals, so be aware of the weather in relation to your moorings and ensure ropes are of the correct length and are secure.  

Inside Jobs  

A problem that all boaters have is the boat becoming damp over the winter months when its not being used, which in turn causes mould issues. So where possible removal all soft furnishings; items such as mattresses, bedding, towels, curtains and cushions should ideally be taken ashore and stored in a warm dry place until you return to use the boat next year. If it is not practical to remove mattresses, then stand them up so that air can circulate and prevent them from going mouldy.  

Windows are another area that can cause issues so clear out the window drains and replace any seals that are not in good order.

Empty and turn off the fridge/freezer leaving the door open so the air can circulate.  

Empty the larder cupboards and restock with new next year.

The Engine Change the oil and give your engine the manufacturer’s service before locking your boat up for the winter. If you have a sealed water system check the antifreeze and top up if necessary. If you have a raw water system seal off the cock valve and drain the water out of the cooling jacket.  

Grease the stern tube once the engine is turned off; this is to prevent water getting into the engine room. If water builds up it could cause your narrow boat to sink! Leave your diesel tank full so that condensation doesn’t build up in the tank, also add fuel conditioner which you can purchase at most good chandleries

Plumbing  You want to try and aim to remove as much water from the boats water pipes. Why? To stop them bursting if it freezes. So drain down and disconnect the water system and empty your water tanks and calorifiers. Remove as much water as possible from your shower, and then open up the taps allowing all the trapped water to drain away. Lag as many of the water pipes as you can to prevent damage.   

Top up with anti-freeze in sealed heating systems like radiators connected to the boiler. Lastly remove water filter cartridges.

Electrical and Batteries Turn off the isolators on the battery as well as greasing the terminals to prevent corrosion. Make time and leave the batteries fully charged and if possible left on a float charge.

Turn off all electrical appliances and as mentioned above, it’s advisable to leave the fridge door slightly a jar to circulate the air, this will prevent it from going mouldy and smelly.  

Security When all the tasks to make your boat safe for winter are completed and you are about ready to lock up for the last time, it’s worth removing any valuable items from the boat and taking them home with you.

Opportunist theives are always a threat to boaters, so by removing or hiding valuable items your possessions will be at less risk of been stolen. Look at your security and make improvements where you can. Research what’s new on the market when it comes to boat alarms and upgrade to the latest technology.

Lastly make sure you are fully insured just in case the worst should happen, whether it is a break in or incident caused by the weather.



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Try and visit your boat regularly to run the engine for around an hour during the winter. This pushes the oil around and helps prevents rust. It will also help top up the battery. Remember to re-grease the stern tube if you do run the engine, as every time the propellers turn it breaks the seal. While you're there you should also pump out rainwater and clear the cockpit drains.





































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We will definitely be celebrating International Coffee Day and Chocolate Cupcake Day!


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Eco Trail Trekker 15th October 2017 Carnegie Campus, Headingly,
Come along and enter a team in the Leeds based Eco Trail Trekker event. Raising vital funds for the Canal & River Trust.

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