Get to know the Whilton Team before the Crick Boat Show
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Thu May 9, 2013 at 12:08pm
It’s only a matter of weeks now till the Crick Boat Show so we thought it would be nice for you to get to know our team before you arrive!

Name: Abi Steele

Job role: Marketing at Venetian and Whilton Marina (plus anything else thrown at me!).
Start date: September 2010
Job description: As we are a small team, my job can be extremely very varied from; Creating narrow boat brochures, Organising trade shows (such as the Crick Boat Show), Creating any marketing material, Website editing, Speaking to customers, Answering the phone, Liaising with Waterways World and Towpath talk for our trade advertising, Helping get Venetian Marina Narrow boat sales started and Updating social media sites such as You tube, Facebook and twitter.
Skills sets: Degree in business and an interest in boating

Name: Andy Robinson

Job role: Sales Manager
Start date: A long time ago
Job description: Responsible for the day to day operation of the Marina
Skills sets: Trained in Navy, like sales, marketing, engineering, love all ships and boats, enjoy getting people a float on the Inland water ways, with a canal boat that is correct for them.

Name: Adrian Dawson

Job role: Sales Executive
Start date: 2009
Job description: Responsible for boat sales and after sales, and any other enquiries through sales office.
Skills sets: Time served maintenance engineer. A professional musician for 12 years.

Name: Bo Robinson

Job role: Welder
Start date: 19 years
Job description: Repairs all the boats that need over plating work or welding in general.
Skills sets: Expert at Stick or Arc welding

Name: Chris Goodyer

Job role: Trainee Welder
Start date: 3 month
Job: Work with Bo and is learning all the skills needed to be an Arc Welder, doing very well and has already fabricated fuel tanks and gas lockers signed off by Marine Surveyors
Skills sets: Worked in the boating industry since leaving school has an interest in vintage boats and boats finished to a high standard.

Name: Dickie Grant

Job role: Marine Engineer
Start date: 3 years
Job description: Does all sorts of marine engineering work he does our stern gears and has a wealth of boating experience
Skills sets: Previously helped manage the engineering side of a local hire fleet

Name: Keith Ellis

Job role: Sales
Start date: 12 years
Job description: Keith does most of the boat moving within the marina he will get boats out of the water for surveys, checking of boats when they are left with us for brokerage and he does a high percentage of the handovers
Skills sets: Years of boating experience good at doing hand overs and explaining boats systems

Name: Mark Sweeny

Job role: Engineering Foreman
Start date: 6 years
Job description: Looks after the engineering team and manages all the engineering that happens at the marina.
Skills sets: Good at sorting out all the problems that boats have, Electrical systems and Engines are his speciality but he can turn his hands to most things.

Name: Pete Childs

Job role: Carpenter
Start date: 19 years
Job Description: All the marinas carpentry work
Skills sets: Had his own boat fitting company called Ebony Narrow boats which produced high specification narrow boats.

Name: Paul Mohammed

Job role: Marina Compound Security and Boat Blacking
Start date: 3 months
Job description and Skills set: Paul has had boats for many years he enjoys working on them and does a superb job when blacking the boats for us.

Name: Dave Evans
Job role: Sales Executive
Start date: May 2013
Job description: Employed to not only sell boats, but also to ensure the customer has an enjoyable experience whilst at the Marina and afterwards!!!
Skills sets: Sales and Marketing, ‘Driven’ and an interest in the outdoors.

Name: Ray (Retired BUT returning from Exile in Gozo)
Job role: Sales Executive
Start date: Worked for Whilton for 4 years
Job description: Responsible for the sales process, Ray also managing all the boats manuals and was a senior member of the sales team before he retired. Had the nick name “Reliable Ray”
Skill sets: Worked in the packaging industry, and also ran his own pub, prior to starting with Whilton

Name: Fred Stamp
Job Role: Sales Negotiator
Start Date: Feb 2013
Job description and skill sets: Spent over 30 years in the Automotive industry in Operations, Sales, Marketing and Business Development and decided to swop many years of travelling on tarmac for a new career on the waterways! Responsible for negotiating and completing a professional transaction between a vendor and purchaser and watching happy customers sail off into the sunset with a big smile on their face.