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Tue Feb 26, 2013 at 2:16pm

Are You Looking For A Liveaboard Narrowboat?

If you are considering a life style change and want to set off on a new venture and liveaboard a narrow boat then we can help you buy your dream narrow boat. Our two inland waterways marinas; Whilton Marina on the Grand Union Canal in Northamptonshire and Venetian Marina on the Cheshire Ring near Nantwich Cheshire are both full of narrow boats that are for sale and are suitable for livaboard purposes. There are many different styles of narrowboats and many are suitable for living aboard, it will be your own personal preferences that will decide which boat is right for you. 

Our sister company Venetain Marina have written some very useful and informative blogs about living aboard a narrowboat, One of these blogs discusses what to consider when buying a narrowboat for living aboard, such as how much storage you require and whether you need much living space.
Another of the blogs advises on costs of living on a narrowboat verses costs of living in a house, and discusses what costs to allow when owning a narrowboat.  The third blog talks about the costs of living on a narrowboat, including moorings and licence fees for using the waterways.

By visiting one of our Marinas you will be able to compare many narrow boats in the same location that you may be interested in.  Visit Whiltons narrow boats for sale page, or Venetian Marinas narrow boats for sale page to see all the narrowboats that we currently have for sale at both places.  If you come and see us at either marina we can also discuss in more detail the costs for livaboard relevant to you with regard to a certain narrow boat that you may be interested in.  So do come and see us at Whilton or Venetian and we will guide you through the process of buying a narrowboat to liveaboard.