Cruise to Harboro'
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Wed Oct 20, 2010 at 9:39am
We set off on Monday evening from Whilton Marina to lock up the Buckby flight, we were joined by seven Swedish men in their forties, they were on a hire boat and did not have clue how to operate locks. By the time we reached the top they were getting the hang of it. We moored for the night, walked our two Jack Russells and met with some friends. Tuesday morning we set off up the Leicester arm and had a great cruise (despite the rain) locking up the Watford Flight and mooring at Crick, just past the marina. We were lucky enough to get a late booking at Edwards restaurant where we had an excellent meal. On Wednesday the sun was shining as we continued on past Cracks hill and the Welford arm reaching the top of Foxton locks at 5pm, we decided to stay there until the morning before locking down the flight. After walking the dogs we walked down to the boaters pub "Bridge 61", we had a great night with a friend, Sam Matts who has been around boats all his life and has worked with us many occassions. Thursday morning we locked down the Foxton flight and turned right  up the Harborough arm, it is very attractive and the houses on the offside are built on land that was owned by Sir Humphrey Trafford after whom Trafford Park and the Old Trafford grounds are named. The visitors mooring are excellent with several water points available to them. The description of Market Harborough itself will have to wait for another blog, as it deserves one all to itself. The trip back was just as stunning, helped by better weather. We lost count of the number of Kingfishers we saw, including one that let us get as close as two metres as we drifted past. It was a most relaxing eight days and we were sad when we arrived at our home mooring, however we are looking forward to spending Christmas on board


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