Festive Narrowboats
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Thu Dec 18, 2008 at 4:22pm
Today Toni (our harbour master) and I were on the marina performing what for him is a daily routine, and for me a bit of a rarity, moving all the narrowboats around the sales area keeps Toni occupied for hours at a time. We pushed a boat from one side of the basin to the other, Toni said it was a bit like playing darts on a much bigger scale, i.e. you point and aim the narrow boat in the direction you want it to go give it a push and hope it lands in the area you intended. I can see the comparison, it was while we were cruising across the marina (with no engine running and at the mercy of our aim and the prevailing wind) that I noticed only a few of the narrow boats moored up were decked out with Christmas decorations. Last year there was an abundance of highly decorated and festive looking boats perhaps we are a bit early for Christmas on boats? However I do have to say the owner of “Misty Creek” has done a great job, Santa won’t miss them.

Our Narrowboat Darts worked well and our aim, push, and wind factor allowance enabled us to moor our boat on the target pier without resorting to poling the boat.

The buyers of Narrowboat The Cats Whiskers had asked me to confirm the size of the windows so that they could make new curtains for when they move on to the boat, Toni and I were a little unsure as to what measurements to take for the curtains.

Is it the size of the window alone?
Maybe the width and drop of the current curtains?
Perhaps the length spacing and size of the poles?
Or a combination of the three?

We opted for the size of the windows and it seems to have answered the questions posed. This point just goes to show that when you think you have a reasonable knowledge of every ones possible questions about narrow boats someone will always ask something new. Both Toni and I could have answered questions about stern types, ballast, calorifiers, gunwales or tumblehome for example without thinking, but curtains was a new one on us, perhaps curtains are a bit to girlie a topic for us.

We have had another high speed arrival (if you read the earlier blog) Narrow Boat Blue Storm arrived on the back of a truck earlier today. I have only seen here from the confines of the sales office but she looks very nice, a 60ft Mike Christian well equipped for living aboard or long term cruising. Narrow boat Blue storm even has a washing machine and tumble dryer, oh!!! back to the girlie stuff, I should be talking about the 3.5KW Generator, the Vetus 4.17 Engine and the Webasto heating system.

Perhaps all this talk of Christmas and soft furnishing is having a strange affect on me?

Until Next Time

Andy Robinson