Blog Posts: March 2021
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Wed Mar 24, 2021 at 2:17pm
Tips on checking your boats safetysystems ready for Spring cruisingVentillationVents can get dusty orgreasy over time and get clogged up so that they work inefficiently and reducethe airflow. It’s easy to overlook this thinking that your boat passed it’sboat safety examination a year or two ago. Ideally you should check your ventsat least once before the boating season. Vacuum out louvre door vents or use asmall brush to dislodge dust. Give mushroom vents and vents above the galley a....
Mon Mar 8, 2021 at 5:00pm
Hatches, Vents and Cratch BoardsThere are various ways of getting extra light and ventilation in to your boat, below are just a few…..Houdini HatchesHoudini hatches are fitted to the roof of a narrowboat and offer additional natural light and ventilation in to a boat.  These hatches have been in production for over 50 years now and are robustly constructed using quality materials and are fitted with toughened glass.Houdini hatches are extremely streamlined and cause minimum obst....