Useful Narrowboat Info
Buying your dream boat is a big step and a big investment.  Whether you’re buying a boat for leisure, pleasure, living or long-term cruising, it’s important you know what to ask and what to watch out for. When you deal with us, you can relax – because we’ll take some of the strain for you.  We aim to make your purchase as smooth as possible.

If you are new to boating a great place to start is by reading narrowboating basics page which will help you learn about narrow boats. Also read our buyers guide which explains all about the buying process and what to expect. Our YouTube channel is also a good place to start and is full of useful videos explaining every aspect of narrowboating and has had over 250,000 people viewing the videos. You can also read our blogs which are packed with useful advice and information relating to narrowboating. Browse through the useful information section on the left hand menu to help you learn more about narrowboats.

Our staff are available to help seven days a week offering free friendly advice on how to get afloat. We offer assistance in all aspects of buying a boat, from price negotiations through to surveys and the planning of your first trip on the waterways.

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