Frequently asked questions when selling your narrowboat

Q: I’m thinking of selling my narrow boat what do I do?

A: Contact us by e-mail, phone or fill in the contact sheet to the left of this menu.  We can arrange our boat valuer to give you a call to discuss things further.


Q: I’m happy with the valuation that you’ve provided on my boat what happens next?

A: You can either bring your boat to us or our sister company Venetian Marina or we can arrange transportation of your boat to the marina (at a charge).


Q: Can I sell my boat from its original moorings?

A: Canal Boats that are for sale in our marina tend to sell much more quickly as we have high footfall at our marina.  We get a vast amount of people that come to us from all over the country as they would rather travel to one location to look at boats, rather than lots of different locations to see one boat.


Q: Do I have to pay for moorings whilst my boat is for sale at the marina?

A: No


Q: Can I use my boat whilst it is for sale at the marina?

A: No whilst the boat is for sale at our marina we do not normally allow you to use it.


Q: I don’t want to sell everything in the boat can I leave it there?

A: We ask you to take all the personal belongings from the craft that you wish to keep so that everything left on the boat is included in the sale.  It is best to leave the boat uncluttered because what is your choice isn’t always a potential purchasers choice so they may well be put off purchasing the boat altogether.

Q: Does my boat need to be Canal and River Trust Licence whilst my boat is for sale at the marina?

A: No you don’t need to have a CRT licence whilst the boat is for sale in our marina. However you must make sure that the boat is insured whilst it is for sale at our marina.