Surveys and Surveyors

At Whilton Marina we recommend that when purchasing a narrowboat you commission an independent survey.  That way you can be confident your boat is structurally sound.

We suggest you pick an independent qualified surveyor (preferably an inland waterways specialist who understands steel-bottomed boats).  If you need help finding one, below is a list of independent reputable surveyors that are within our area or who will travel to our area.  Please note that these surveyors are all independent and work on your behalf so you will need to appoint one yourself.  We do not have any marine surveyors employed by us, or in any way connected to us and you do not have to choose a surveyor from this list.

See our list of local marine surveyors below, these surveyors can offer Boat Safety Certificates.
(may occur an extra cost)

Name  Tel Number  Email   Website 
Michael Clarke  07944 856351
Dave Freeman   07918 677782
 Martin Ridge  07802 423070
Dave Stuart 07962 398530 
Lee Ottery  07487 582369   

Surveyors who do not issue new Boat Safety Certificates

Name   Tel Number  Email   Website 
 Tony Nother 07791 993239
Craig Allen  07359 296691  
 Barry Burnell 07398 775851
Jo Rees-Howell 07990 156034
Darrell Broscombe  07920 826319 
Richard Thompson 07488 485448 richard@whatfloatsyourboat

Once you have chosen your surveyor, you will need to decide what type of survey you would like to have done on your vessel.  Below are the three types of surveys that you can have done on your craft.   

 1.       Full Survey

This is like a complete boat health check.  Done both in and out of the water, it checks everything from a structural and safety viewpoint.  These are the most comprehensive survey you can have done on your craft.

  2.       Hull Survey

Checks aspects related to the structure/insurance parts of the boat, such as the hull and the stern gear.  This is done with the boat out of the water.

  3.       Internal Survey

This is a safety check inside the boat.  It tests things like vents, fire extinguishers, wiring, etc.  

Most people opt to have a full or hull survey.  When you have an out of water survey you need to pay a ‘slip’ or ‘haul out’ fee.  We’ll take the boat out of the water for you, so the surveyor can do technical assessment of your hull.   

Current Haul out cost at Whilton Marina

The current cost of having your canal boat hauled out of the water for survey is £400 inc VAT and £600 inc VAT for a widebeam.  This fee includes the boat being put back into the water after a survey has been done.  

After the Survey

After the survey has taken place and we have the survey in writing, we’ll talk you through the technical stuff and explain what’s important.  We will then work with you and the boat vendor to agree a deal that is fair and reasonable.  Please note we only negotiate on things that are related to boat safety or insurance, not cosmetics like door handles and appliances.  

Useful Links about Surveys:

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We have filmed a video showing the kind of things that boat surveyors look for when they carry out a narrowboat hull survey. There are many more useful video clips on our youtube channel.