Great Customer Feedback on buying a Narrowboat in 2012

July 2012 - Customer Feedback from New Narrow boat Owner Sheila Abrams


My son, Richard Kruller, has brought a boat from you - Steadfast - and yesterday we came to give it a clean, fill it with diesel and add a few basics.

Every one of the people we came into contact with at the marina greeted us with a smile, were pleasant and helpful.  It made a huge difference to the day.

But one person above all shone out: Keith from the workshop. We apologise for taking so much of his day, but we were extremely greatful for his sensible advice and practical help - all delivered cheerfully.  He made a massive difference, and I think his advice will continue to make a difference in the years ahead.

Steadfast is not a prestigious boat (though we're pleased with her), but it's very good to see that, no matter how much or little is spent on the boat, your after sales service is excellent.

Thank you,
Sheila Abrams

Ps - apologies for this being sent from my work e-mail, as my internet connection at home has failed. My home e-mail is [this has been blocked out]


March 2012 - Customer Feedback from New Narrow boat Owner Jonathon

Dear Andy,

I am just writing to say thank you to yourself and all the staff at Whilton Marina. 

I would also like to say thanks to the guys in the workshop who gave me advice and to the guys in the shop.

I would also like to apologise for not going in and thanking all personally, as I was stuck because of the ice for two weeks and I was excited to get on my way.

Thank you for your kind words as you ran past me just as I was about to reach Braunston.

Kind regards,