Caravan Storage Terms and Conditions
  • All caravans stored at Whilton Marina are to be fully comprehensively insured by the owner.  
  • In the absence of any written agreement or arrangement to the contrary, Whilton Marina Ltd reserves the right to terminate the storage of the caravans by giving three months’ notice in writing to the last known address.   
  • Whilton Marina Ltd reserve the right to sell any caravan or motorhome that has any accounts which are more than twelve months in arrears, without the obligation to obtain the best possible price and after deduction of the cost of such a sale retain the residue of the proceeds in payment of all charges due to Whilton Marina Ltd.  
  • Caravans are not to be advertised from or sold directly from the caravan storage area.  
  • Gas cylinders are to be removed or disconnected/shut off prior to storage.  
  • No combustible fuel to be stored in caravans.  
  • Gas and electricity supplies are to be isolated after use.  
  • All rubbish to be disposed of in marina skip or taken home.  
  • All caravan storage accounts are to be paid in advance.  
  • Access to the caravan storage compound is during office opening hours only 9am-6pm in summer time, 9am-5pm in winter time.  Please note that we close over the Christmas & New Year period. Due to Covid-19 the office opening hours have changed, Please see updated opening hours on our homepage. 
  • No refund will be given if the caravan or motorhome is removed between 1st October and 31st March. If you decide to vacate your plot between 1st April and 30th September a refund will be given to the maximum value of six months.  
  • It is advised that both wheel clamps and hitch locks be fitted.  
  • All caravans are left at owner’s risk.